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Business /Management Consulting

Business / Management consulting is a very effective service of ours which mainly cater to SME organizations. SMEs normalyy can not hire full fledged professionals for their all departments due to shortage of resources and also low qualtity of work volume. But the criticality of the work remains the same . E.g. one engineer who can repair computer , can repair 5 PCs a day, but if the organization has total of 5 PCs , so even if all PCs are malfunctioning , the engineer will have only 2 days of work in the entire month. Such person can not be deployed in other job , say accounts . So the organization will give AMC to a outsource agency who will come and solve the problem of PCs of the organization whenever necessary . The company will pay a charge on the basis of number of PCs they are having. It will cost less for a smaller organization who has got less nmber of PCs. Here the concept of Management Consulting comes into picture. A samm organization can not afford to have hi skilled HR, Marketing Manager , IT Hanager , so if they outsourse the entire work to an outsourced agency they will get quality service at low cost . This is also the concept of GIG economy .

We provide quality services at minimum cost :-

HR Management & Consulting : https://youtu.be/M6mBno6Up60

Sales & Marketing Consulting : https://youtu.be/ux9dfq14geA

Financial Consulting as an external agency . 

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