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Career Counselling

Career Counselling is an important concept and becoming popular in our country day by day. What is career counselling . Its giving the direction to somebody analysing his streanth , weakness , liking , disliking & most importantly the future of a profession ten years down the line. And alo the emerging fields which will give a clear competitive advantage to the candididate seeking career guidance . Its should be provided by somebody who has got good exposure of the industry and also knowledge of various academic fields . Purely academic people are not suitable for career counselling rather industry expers , HR professionals , job consultants who deal with various industries are supposed to be good career advisors . Normally parents working in government sector are not good career advisors as they normally do not have idea about which is happening in the industry and what is going to happend 5 years down the line . Career counselling is necessary for students starting from class 9 till their last qualification, candidates who are yet to start their career and obviously working professionals . Its not an one time affair . People are advised to counsult a professional for each step of the career move. It will same their time , money , energy and ensure early success in the career.  

With the expertise of two decades in the industry we claim to be a good career guide & career counseller . You are welcome for your career counselling with us.

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